meal card

You can reload your card anytime online.

benefits of your meal card

  • Load any dollar amount online anytime
  • Simply the fastest way to get through the cashier line
  • View your most recent transaction history
  • Protect your balance if your card is lost or stolen


  • Explore different menu items and try foods from around the world
  • Watch for meal combo options to help save money and eat healthier
  • Limit the purchase of costly “energy” drinks, choose healthier options like re-fillable, fruit-infused “Spa Water” or juice
  • Choose healthier substitutes to french fries, like fresh salads made with local vegetables or soups made from scratch
  • Ask for alternatives if you have special diet considerations, they can accommodate you on the meal plan
  • The deli features in-house roasted deli meats for fresh sandwiches
  • Budget a daily amount to spend… and stick to that amount